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advancing member well-being

The Keweenaw Bay Indian Community
grows vitality for its economy and people:


KBIC’s thriving tribal businesses support expanded community services and infrastructure that benefit everyone.


Community members have access to great jobs with expanded employee benefits and wages.


A dedicated health system provides full access to physical, mental, and behavioral health services.


Cradle-to-career educational programs are offered to inspire the community to learn and grow.

Natural Resources

The KBIC Natural Resources Department manages and protects our land, water, and habitats to provide support for our next seven generations.


Tribal law enforcement protects our community with officers who are trained and certified to provide the utmost safety.


The Constitution and Bylaws of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community were accepted and approved by the United States Department of Interior on December 17, 1936.

Being self-sufficient to sustain our way of life

We grow food on our own land, harvest fish from our waters, and hunt in our own forests. We value and are grateful for what nature gives us to consume.

Everything here belongs to every member of the community.

Members choose to live here because each other’s well-being.

KBIC values its freedom and independence from the non-tribal, outside world. We strive to be as self-supporting as possible.

We embrace non-tribal, outside-world partnerships and collaboration that infuse strength into our community.

We benefit our next seven generations

We always work to make the right decisions for every family and every business, knowing that our actions today will benefit our children’s, children’s children.

Sharing what we have with each other

sharing hands

Keweenaw Bay Indian Community citizens share our heritage and future together as one community.

Tribal members share their time, support, goods and services for the benefit of other members.

Our community welcomes visitors to experience our tribal culture and share our passion for our lands, waters and people.