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Promise Neighborhoods

Keith Rolof

Program Coordinator


8 am – 4:30 pm


16429 Beartown Rd,
Baraga, MI 49908


What is the Promise Neighborhoods Program?

The purpose of Promise Neighborhoods is to significantly improve the educational and developmental outcomes of children and youth in our community.

Promise Neighborhoods is developing a cradle-to-career solutions that braid together local schools with family and community supports. This will benefit the community’s education system to create a culture of mentoring designed to empower our leaders of tomorrow.

Promise Neighborhoods Staff:

Christine Awonohopay, Ojibwemowin Wiidookaagewin – Email: cawonohopay@kbic-nsn.gov Phone: (906)353-4277

Dana Awonohopay, Data Clerk – Email: dawonohopay@kbic-nsn.gov Phone: (906)353-4305

Kristen Dean, Scholarship Coordinator – Email: kdean@kbic-nsn.gov Phone: (906)353-4308

DeAnna Hadden, LAS Aanikanootaagewin (Speaker on behalf of others) – Email: dhadden@kbic-nsn.gov Phone: (906)353-4304

Kyle Lake, Middle School Specialist – Email: klake@kbic-nsn.gov Phone: (906)353-4303

Heather Ochoa, Pre-K Specialist – Email: hochoa@kbic-nsn.gov Phone: (906)353-4302

Keith Rolof, Program Coordinator – Email: krolof@kbic-nsn.gov Phone: (906)353-4306

Betti Szaroletta, College/Career Specialist – Email: bszaroletta@kbic-nsn.gov Phone: (906)353-4307

Lisa Zasadnyj, Elementary (K-5) Specialist – Email: lisaz@kbic-nsn.gov Phone: (906)353-4303

You Can Help!

Be on the lookout for community surveys. Community input and suggestions will guide planning and programming

Promise Neighborhood Forms