Teaching Assistant II On-Call


  1. Assist Pre-Primary Education Director in providing appropriate early childhood education experiences for child in art, music, literature, and play.
  2. Assist in promoting and supervising the healthy emotional, social, intellectual, and physical development of each child.
  3. Assist in upkeep of the Education Center and all equipment and materials.
  4. Eat all meals with children and assist in development of good nutrition habits and table manners.
  5. Help children establish good habits of toileting and personal hygiene and cleanliness
  6. Assist in supervising all activities to insure safety of each child at all times.
  7. Maintain prompt hours; notify Pre-Primary Education Director in the event of illness or upcoming absence (ahead of time).
  8. Maintain neat and clean appearance.
  9. Work with all other staff members in a cooperative manner.
  10. Attend and participate in staff meetings.
  11. Must attend trainings as designated by Pre-Primary Education Director.
  12. Work toward attainment of a Child Development Associate (CDA) certification and First Aid/CPR certification within time structure set forth.
  13. Must make referrals as necessary pertaining to children and families.
  14. Is bound by mandatory reporting requirements as determined by Tribal, State and Federal Law.
  15. Must work in a cooperative spirit with tribal and local resources to best meet the needs of the children and families.
  16. Must serve as a positive role model for staff, community, families and children.
  17. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.