KBIC Education Department works together with students, families, and area schools to promote confident students and empower individuals to achieve their fullest potential to meet the challenges of today and the next seven generations.

For questions on any of the Education programs, contact:

                 Liz Julio, Education Director

                 Jody Joki, Education Assistant



Serves as an advisory committee for the Education Department recognizing education is a vital role in strengthening our Keweenaw Bay Indian Community.

Hope Laramore, Chair

Sierra Ayres, Vice-Chair

Sheila Royal, Recordkeeper

Yvette Simmons, Assistant Recordskeeper

T. Austin Ayres, Trustee

Rebecca Genschow, Trustee

Jennifer Heath, Trustee

Melissa LaFernier, Trustee


2023 High School Graduate Contact Link:

All KBIC graduates, regardless of location, are encouraged to submit contact information to stay up-to-date on potential opportunities.


The KBIC tutors are based within the Baraga County public schools.  They offer support to enrolled KBIC students with services to include tutoring during school hours for grades K-12 and after-school tutoring for grades 6-12.  They work closely with teachers, staff, and Title teachers to ensure that all student needs are best being met.

Baraga Area Schools:

Jennifer Westman, Elementary

Helen Jondreau, High School

L’Anse Area Schools:

Beth Dix, Elementary

Shellie Pascoe, High School


The KBIC Ojibwemowin staff provides K-12 language classes that are available to all students within the L’Anse and Baraga public schools. 


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High School Graduate Reimbursement Program: 

All KBIC graduates, regardless of location, are encouraged to submit contact information to stay up-to-date on potential opportunities.

HS Grad reimbursemenet Flyer - updated 4.3.23.jpg

College Prep Scholarship:

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College Prep Scholarship Application


The Denomie Memorial Scholarship: This privately funded scholarship recognizes one Native American high school graduate who may have overcome barriers, persevered, and has committed to continuing their education.


2022- 2023 College Graduate Contact Link:

All KBIC graduates, regardless of location, are encouraged to submit contact information to stay up-to-date on potential opportunities.

2023-2024 College Graduate Contact Link:


NTGCR Scholarship Application

Education Dept. Resources:

  • STUDENT SOVEREIGN FUND:  KBIC funded incentive program to encourage the pursuit of post-secondary education.  Due to limited budget, has residency limitations. The application is available:  Sovereign Student Fund Application.

  • BIA HIGHER EDUCATION:  Need-based grant funding available to KBIC members enrolled in Associate or Bachelor's degree programs at accredited colleges or universities located in Michigan.  The application is available BIA Higher Education Application.

  • ANN MISEGAN SCHOLARSHIP: Funded by KBIC, this merit-based scholarship seeks to recognize one outstanding KBIC member who is pursuing their education within the health care field. Ann Misegan Scholarship Application.

  • MILESTONE INCENTIVES: KBIC funded incentive promoting and recognizing those members who complete college degrees. Milestones Incentives Application.
  • INDOOZHICHIGAAZOMIN PROGRAM:  Competitive Student Loan program for those members seeking higher level degrees. Indoozhichigaazomin Program Application.

External Resources:


Cooperative Resources

  • MICHIGAN INDIAN TUITION WAIVER: KBIC Education Department assists students in obtaining tuition funding provided by the Michigan Department of Civil Rights.  The application is available: Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver Application.
  • WISCONSIN INDIAN STUDENT ASSISTANCE GRANT: Need-based grant available to Native American Wisconsin residents who are attending a Wisconsin school of higher education. The application is available:

  • BILL SWARTZ MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: KBIC assists in processing this privately funded scholarship for engineering students attending Michigan Technological University. The application is available: Bill Swartz Scholarship Application.



OCL  serves the members of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community and the surrounding communities. We are open to the public, and provide free library memberships to those who wish to use our library.  For more information, click on Library

                 Contact Information:

Angela Badke, Librarian

Dawn Browning, Assistant Librarian



OCL values the input and suggestions from the community.

Please click on  and complete the form on the following link to make a book request: