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Attorney’s Office


Kevin Carlisle

Tribal Attorney


8 am – 4:30 pm


16429 Beartown Rd,
Baraga, MI 49908

The Office of Tribal Attorney operates under the general supervision of the Tribal Council.

The Tribal Attorney is under the supervision of the Tribal Council in accordance with established Tribal Council policies. The mission of the Office of Tribal Attorney is to support, defend and advance the interests of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community by providing legal services to the Tribal Council and its subordinate departments, committees, agencies, offices and businesses. In the discharge of this function, the Office acts in an advisory and ministerial capacity.

The Office of Tribal Attorney serves as legal advisor to the Tribal Council.

Under the policy direction of the Tribal Council, the Office also provides legal services to department heads, directors, officers, employees and staff of the Community and Community enterprises. The Office also acts as liaison to other sovereign Indian nations as well as federal, state and local governments, court systems, professional associations, and interest groups on matters of interest to the Community.

Legal services provided:

The Office of Tribal Attorney provides legal services on a wide range of issues. Practice areas include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Tribal Law
  • Treaty Rights
  • Self-Governance
  • Federal Indian Law
  • Contract Law
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Constitutional Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Family Law/Adoptions
  • Tax Law
  • Litigation (avoidance, resolution)
  • Economic Development
  • Criminal Prosecution
  • Gaming Law
  • Construction Law
  • Employment Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Health Law
  • Land Use Legislation
  • Real Estate Law
  • Business/Commercial Law
  • Tort Law
  • Indian Child Welfare Law

The major functions of the Office of Tribal Attorney are to:

  • Protect the Community’s sovereignty from encroachment
  • Provide legal advice to the Tribal Council and its subordinate departments
  • Represent the Community and its representatives in judicial, legislative, executive and administrative proceedings
  • Coordinate with federal, state and local agencies
  • Criminal Prosecutions