OVW Advocacy

Victim/Survior Advocacy and Support Services

Advocacy The goal of advocacy services is to walk beside you, whether you choose to pursue prosecution or not. Services may include: Contacts and calls made to providers, attorneys and the Court on behalf of the survivor/victim; Assistance in identifying needs and services; Information and Referral; Helping to obtain a Personal Protection Order; Accompanying a survivor to court hearings; Hospital/Clinic/medical response; Other support services such as transportation, assistance seeking child care, housing, budgeting, employment related assistance; Assistance in filing petitions for Personal Protection Orders in Circuit and Tribal Court
Crisis Intervention and Counseling including 24/7 Helpline (Helpline available starting Spring 2012) Other counseling services include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Education and support groups
  • Support groups and Talking Circles for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault survivors and their families
  • Crime Victim Assistance: Includes crisis intervention support and advocacy, information and referral and assistance to victims of child physical abuse, child sexual abuse, DUI/DWI, Elder abuse, Adults molested as children, robbery, homicide, economic exploitation and hate crimes and access to Crime Victim's Compensation Fund
  • Safety Planning