Child Support Services

Children need the support of their families to thrive and be healthy and successful. They have the right to count on their parents for the emotional, spiritual, medical and financial support they deserve. Parents have the moral and legal obligation to ensure the health, welfare and safety of their children is first priority. The children are our future! The OCSS provides paternity establishment and child support services to families where the child, mother and/or father are enrolled members of the KBIC or other federally recognized Tribe when at least one of the parties reside on the L'Anse Reservation. The OCSS also processes income withholding orders for all Tribal employees.

Application for Services can be found here.


Mission Statement

The Office of Child Support Services (OCSS) is committed to improving the lives of children.
We strive to strengthen family responsibilities and values through quality service and cultural integrity.

We work to ensure that paternity is established when appropriate; financial disputes between separated parents are minimized; and parents are held accountable to support their children in accordance with their resources and abilities.

We are committed to maintaining an effective program that will meet the needs of families; improve the welfare of children; and strengthen tribal sovereignty.

Our goals are founded in our commitment to families while complying with Tribal Codes and Federal Regulations to:

  • Establish Paternity
  • Establish, Monitor, Modify and Enforce Child Support Orders;
  • Locate Custodial and Non-Custodial Parents
  • Provide Quality Customer Service; and
  • Provide Customer and Community Education