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February 15, 2014
Keweenaw Bay Indian Community
Office of the Treasurer

At a special Tribal Council meeting held on Saturday February
15, 2014, two (2) resolutions were approved that require final
approval by popular referendum. A popular referendum is a vote
of the membership to give final effect to a Tribal Council
approved expenditure of tribal funds in excess of $10,000.
Voting members of the community are eligible to vote in a
popular referendum.

The Treasurer of the Community is hereby calling a popular
referendum for the purposes of allowing the membership to vote
on these two (2) resolutions.

Resolution KB#11-2014 involves a new Electronic Health
Records (EHR) and medical billing system for our health center.
Resolution KB#12-2014 involves an upgrade to our casino
management systems.

The popular referendum shall be held Friday February 21, 2014
from 11:00am to 12:30pm, with the vote taking place at
12:30pm. Referendum to be held at the Helene Welsh Ojibwa
Senior’ s building on Main Avenue in Baraga. Information about
the referendum and copies of the resolutions will be available for tribal members at the tribal center.


Office of the Treasurer

Process for a Popular Referendum

I. KBIC Resolution #005-2014 provides for the Treasurer to hold popular referendums in order to provide final effect to Tribal Council approved appropriations of tribal funds, not grant funds, in-excess of $10,000.

II. Upon Tribal Council approval of an expenditure of tribal funds in-excess of $10,000, the Treasurer shall set a date and time to hold a popular referendum. Referendum shall be held within 14 calendar days of Tribal Council approval.

III. Treasurer shall be responsible for notifying the voting membership of the date and time of the popular referendum via our KBIC website, KBIC faceboook, Eagle Radio, and other local outlets.

IV. Treasurer shall notify the Election Chairman of the popular referendum date and time and request the Chairmans presence at the referendum and to bring the latest KBIC voting list.

V. Voting members may vote in a popular referendum either in person or by proxy. Voting members choosing to vote by proxy must register their proxy form with the Election Chairman prior to the referendum. The proxy form must show the voting member’s name and enrollment number and name and enrollment number of the voting member that will act as the proxy holder.

VI. Election Chairman shall be responsible for signing in eligible voters as they enter the site where the popular referendum will occur. The Election Chairman shall provide eligible voting members that present themselves to the referendum with a colored voting card with their enrollment number written in large numbers on the card and any proxies assigned to them for voting use. The Election Chairman shall close the sign in at the scheduled vote time and provide Treasurer with the final number of voters present.

VII. The Tribal Secretary shall join the Election Chairman.

VIII. Treasurer shall provide voters with information related to the requested expenditure before the vote.

IX. At the time of the referendum, Treasurer, along with staff, shall answer questions related to the expenditure before a vote is taken. Treasurer shall call for a vote of the membership at the scheduled time.

X. Treasurer, Secretary and the Election Chairman shall count voting cards raised in the air for and against the proposed expenditure. The majority vote of those present shall rule.

XI. Treasurer shall report results of popular referendum back to Tribal Council and attached approved referendum to purchase order.

Eddy Edwards
KBIC Tribal Council Treasurer
February 12, 2014







There is a tribal exemption available for the Health Insurance Marketplace Exchange in accordance to the Affordable Care Act. The form must be filled out to receive the exemption and it can be accessed here:

Exemption Form for Marketplace


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