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Welcome to the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community's website. You can find all of the information you need about the departments and services that the KBIC provides and the unique job opportunities it offers. Check back here to stay up to date on all the latest news and events that take place at the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community!






LOW INCOME HOME ENERGY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (LIHEAP)  provides assistance to eligible low income households in meeting their home energy costs. Assistance depends on the availability of funds and is based on a 1st come 1st serve basis. Please Note: Priority will be given to vulnerable populations: Elderly, Disabled, and households with children 6 years and under, are assisted first.



Ø Visit the CAP Office at the KBIC Tribal Center in Baraga.

Ø Online and click on the Community   Assistance Office.


If you have any questions call: (906) 353-4162






The Keweenaw Bay Tribal Council has authorized a Sovereignty Check for those members who are residing in Baraga and Marquette Counties as of September 1st and who are 18 years & older.  The deadline to submit all address verifications will be November 6, 2015.  No information will be taken or considered after that date.  They have approved the following Guidelines to determine eligibility.  Please read them carefully.  Reside will be defined as an address where a member lives and which is the member’s true, fixed home and principle place of living, and to which a member has the intention of returning whenever absent for a very short term; and therefore requires:


  1. 1. Physical address in a unit; and
  2. The intent to make that unit home.


For the purpose of receiving a Sovereignty Check, a member has only one residence, regardless of the number of houses maintained by the member.  In determining which of the member’s houses their true residence is, attention must be given to the member’s place of employment, where their children (if any) attend school, and if the member is married, where their spouse resides.  The eligibility guidelines to receive a sovereignty check are as follows:


 1. Members must be 18 years or older as of December 25, 2015.  They must have been living in Baraga or Marquette County since September 1, 2015 and still residing there when the checks will be distributed.  


2. If a member will be 18 years old before December 25, 2015, but is not at the time of the check distribution, the check will be held in the Enrollment Department until that member’s 18th birthday and can be picked up there.  


3. If the member is a college student, they must be a full-time student on September 1 through the distribution of the checks and currently maintain a permanent residence in Baraga or Marquette County, unless unforeseen circumstances exist.  The address in which the student uses to apply for Federal Financial Aide, will be the address of residence for each student and a copy of this may be requested.  The College student must provide a course schedule or certification from their college or university proving that they are maintaining a full-time course load.  


4. If the member is stating that their residence is in Ojibwa Housing, they must be on the OHA lease to claim that address as their residence.  


5. All members must be able to provide a combination of acceptable documentation to prove their residence ineither of the approved counties as of September 1 thru the date of the distribution.  Notes and letters from family members will not be accepted.





a. Utility bills
b. Mortgage documents or proof of home ownership
c. School records including receipts, class schedules, and reports cards
d. Rental or lease agreements
e. Payroll records
f. Current homeowners or automobile insurance bills or proofs of insurance
g. U.S. Postal Service change of address confirmation form
h. Letter or statement from a social welfare institution stating applicant is a client and/or resident of the facility
i. Tax returns
j. Michigan Driver’s Licenses or Identification card.  




6. Members who are presently serving in the military who were residing in either county before joining are eligible.  This also includes members who have a spouse in the military and meet the same requirements. Verification such as an Active Duty Military ID or a copy of their current Military Orders may be required.  Children whose parents are currently serving and over the age of 18 must be in either in high school or attending college.  


7. Members who have moved out of Baraga or Marquette County for reasons beyond their control to a nursing home or adult foster care home for example, will be eligible for the sovereignty check.


8. If the member has made application to any program within the Tribe, the address, as well as the residents listed, must be consistent. Open service cases such as DHS, WIC, OHA, LIHEAP, GA, TSS or Probation will also be considered as proof of residency.    


9. If the member is currently in jail their residence as of September 1 will be where it was prior to their incarceration.  However; if the member is in prison they will be ineligible to receive the sovereignty check.  


10. If a member owns a home and claims a Homestead Tax Credit, that home will be considered the member’s residence.  


11. If a member is currently homeless, they must be working with the Tribe’s Community Assistance Program Director, Social Services or the Ojibwa Housing Authority to verify their circumstances. Voluntary Withholding agreements will be honored if the member owes money to a Tribal Business or a Governmental Entity only.  Any eligible member wishing to do this must see the Manager/Department Head of the business or entity to complete the necessary authorization forms.  First priority will be to honor Court Orders if applicable.





Do you reside on the reservation and are purchasing a different vehicle?  Many questions can be answered for you or your Dealership on the Motor Vehicle Department page.





There is a tribal exemption available for the Health Insurance Marketplace Exchange in accordance to the Affordable Care Act. The form must be filled out to receive the exemption and it can be accessed here:

Exemption Form for Marketplace


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